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Canard, a Revolution in Flight

Andy Lennon

This Commemorative Edition of the only book ever published on canard airplanes covers one of aviation's most captivating concepts. You'll learn how and why they were developed, and how they evolved into some of the fastest, most beautiful aircraft in history.

ISBN 978-0-938716-88-4, $24.95
"7.5 X 9.25", 198 pages
Quality Paperback

Some of the absorbing topics featured includes...

Some of the aircraft described include...

The Wright brothers' designs and how the canard saved them from serious accidents during their early developmental years The outstanding designs of Burt Rutan, originator of modern canards Quickie Series Dragonfly COZY Ultralight Canards Secret German Experimentals Russian Utka Details are also presented for General Aviation canards, including: The Beech Starship I Avtek-400 OMAC-1 Gates-Piaggio GP-180, and many other canards from around the world.

CANARD gives you the-story-behind-the-story of this intriguing aspect of flight. Whether you're thinking of building your own airplane, or simply want to become aware of the unique qualities of these aircraft, this book could prove to be quite helpful. If you simply want to learn about the fascinating historical and technological development of canards, and the role they have played in aviation, this book is for you.