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Composite Construction for Homebuilt Aircraft

This is the only book that completely covers the field of composite kitplanes. You'll learn how you can build the fast, beautiful, and unique aircraft of your dreams - without expensive tooling and in less time than you may think. Discover why they're so popular and how they can be practical for you. This manual show you the techniques of working with plastics, and the basics of structural and aerodynamic design.

ISBN 978-0-938716-26-6, $19.95
"5½ X 8½", 240 pages
Quality Paperback

Some Important Topics Covered Include:

"Laced with wisdom, this book resonates with Jack's good humor and sound judgment. It's for any avian dreamer - student builder or armchair technologist. Fun to read, what it says is well worth knowing."

—Dr. Peter Lissaman, PhD Aerospace Engineering, USC