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Ultralight Airmanship

How To Master The Air In An Ultralight

Jack Lambie

A few of the important topics covered by this manual include:

Winds • The atmosphere and its movement • Low level turbulence • Circling and turning in the wind at low altitudes • Effects of trees, buildings and hills • The simplest, most direct use of the wind • "Coffin Corner" and how to escape • Lapse rate • Spin • "Seat-of-the-pants" flying Importance of precision circles • Shearlines • Clouds and how to get out • How to tell if you need oxygen — "grunt breathing" • Speeds to fly • Simplified navigation • Landing out • How to select a field from the air • The book is illustrated by numerous pictures and diagrams.

ISBN 978-0-938716-02-0, $14.95
"6 X 9", 144 pages
Quality Paperback

"Making the right decisions in the air — the proper judgments — is what safe, competent flying is all about. If you would like to be the best pilot you possibly can, this definitive new book is for you!"

Ultralight Airmanship enables you to become intimate with the air, instead of being just an intruder. It's a clear, concise guide to the atmosphere and how to fly in harmony with its powers, while decreasing its dangers. It covers the dynamics of air, and large weather systems and circulation patterns, without engineering "double-talk". Discover the vitally important intricacies of micrometerology — airflows around hills, trees, buildings and other obstructions — that always seem to cause those "unexplainable" crashes!

Ultralight Airmanship is not a theory book! It tells you exactly what to do and how you should operate your aircraft to use, avoid and fly in various atmospheric conditions. Special advice and actual flight descriptions are given by experienced ultralight aviators.

Learn how to handle turbulence so you're prepared when it hits — someday it will! Fly practically any time you want. You don't have to limit yourself for fear of "bumps". Ultralight Airmanship is your ticket to, total mastery of the air — your "roadmap-to-the-sky".

We've all waited a long time for this book to be published, but it was worth it! Order your copy today and learn the secrets of "total mastery of the air".