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Composite Construction for Homebuilt Aircraft

One of the most important books ever published. It's the work of a creative genius whose observation, analysis, ingenuity and daring laid the foundation for the development of aviation.

After a comprehensive scientific study of how birds fly, Lilienthal recognize the superiority of curved wing surfaces. He then developed a theory of flight, and designed and built a series of gliders. From 1891 to 1896 he made over 2,000 glides-bridging the gap between those who dreamed of flying and those who flew.

Learning of Lilienthal's fatal gliding accident in 1896, the Wright Brothers became inspired to investigate "the problem of human flight." Lilienthal had a tremendous influence on the Wright Brothers, who considered him their hero. They carefully studied his work, developed their own theories and designs, and invented the airplane.

―Mike Markowski,
Aeronautical Engineer, Pilot, Aviation Author &Publisher.

ISBN 978-0-938716-58-7
Price: $19.95
6" X 9", 176 printed  pages
Quality Paperback